Cyber Security Transformation

Cyber Security Transformation

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2017 – 2021

In a highly technical environment, ten4 was asked to establish consistent transparency on known risks across all sites, mitigate critical risks as soon as possible while implementing a consistent, reliable, and sustainable OT security operating model. We kept focus on the people side of the transformation with employees from over 100 sites in 29 countries worldwide being affected. We have been able to engage the people, introduce new roles and establish efficient and effective OT security solutions and processes.

With our comprehensive transformation support, we have been able to make our transformation a success.


* setup the Transformation Strategy and Governance Model

* setup a Maturity Model and Scorecard

* implemented a new OT security role in all sites

* setup a global IT security community and comprehensive training catalogue

* designed and implemented new OT security solutions together with technical experts (e.g., IDS, remote maintenance, incident response, disaster recovery)