Change Management & Communication

Change Management
and communication

Managing the
people side of change

We are your reliable partner to manage the people side of your transformation – by focusing our change & communication roadmaps on six key dimensions. We ensure the right level of awareness and develop a consistent understanding of the important WHY – HOW - WHAT of your transformation. We generate buy-in and commitment among stakeholders, focusing on outlining “what is in it for me”. We trigger engagement where needed and establish feedback loops by working with focus groups and change agent networks. We provide required enablement and qualification, based on training needs assessments per impacted stakeholder group. Finally, we look at necessary cultural changes and long-term measures to ensure the sustainability of the transformation.

In today’s business environment, adaptability is a key factor to success – yet only one transformation in three succeeds. We often see that in business transformations the sole focus is on structures, processes, and systems. But what is the most important factor in change management? People. After all, any organizational transformation means changing people’s behavior and sometimes even their mindset.

We rely on our proven methodology to do exactly that – let us show you that change management is more than a fancy buzzword!

Our Process to develop Change
and Communication roadmaps

We will rely on our proven processes to help developing a change & communication roadmap for your transformations – assessing in detail the change impacts per stakeholder group, identifying the main milestones with stakeholder impacts and setting-up a communication & change strategy.

Our Framework to DESIGN Change & Communication Roadmaps

We will rely on our proven framework to help design the change & communication roadmaps for your transformations – taking into account all six dimensions throughout the phases of each transformation.


Engage with stakeholders to develop a consistent understanding of why we are changing and what is changing.


Enable commitment an buy-in of all stakeholders by outlining "what is in it for me" and illustrating our support model through this change.


Include feedback loops to ensure that messages are understood, collect feedback regularly to check what is (not) working, setup networks to support local engagement.


Identify required new knowledge & skills to support the change and conduct necessary personal development activities.


Make long-term objectives measurable and ensure sustainability of success through incentivizing change by aligning performance, reward & recognition.


Identify necessary cultural changes and develop behaviors and working methods to support overall objectives.